You are WORTHY!

You are worthy! You are worthy! Everything you wish for or desire, you are worthy of it!!! You are never asking for too much, if anything, you are asking for too little!! People like to make it seem like you don’t deserve the things you ask for. Well forget them, you deserve the world and you will have that. Have faith, stay patient, and continue to stay focused!

Unconsciously there are times when people don’t have to say it, but they feel as though they are not worthy. You can tell by a person’s actions and their words. They would downplay their situation, saying it is not that big of a deal. Everything is a big deal.

You are worthy of love. Unconditional love. Happiness. Fun. You are worth a million...scratch that a billion dollars. Never settle!!!

Of course, in order to feel worthy, you must love yourself unconditionally. Respect yourself and make sure you don’t allow anyone to disrespect you or make it seem like you are worthless. They don’t deserve you. Remember to honor yourself. Once again, if no one has told you,