God is within me!

My light is always shining because God shines through me. HE is the reason for my happiness, my love, my glow, my power, and pretty much everything I have. With a lot of prayer, persistence, hard work, and not giving up is how I possessed such light. I seek it from him and ask God to use me. I want to be able to show others an example of what God’s love looks like. I desire to be an example.

I did not get where I am at today alone, it is through him that I am where I am at today. I continue to strive and follow the path he has intended to be on. It is not easy, but I KNOW that everything will be okay, just like it’s always been.

God is love. Praying and asking for his guidance each and every day, and probably almost every moment has encouraged me to keep going. Even through my tough times I know HE is there watching, but also testing me. Through each test that is being brought to me, HE is making me stronger like him.

Sometimes I do not know how, I just know it was God. I’m sure you have plenty of moments when you do not know how, but you do know it had everything to deal with God. Amazing feeling. HE is always there. Even when you do not know how to help someone, he uses you to get to that person. Ever thought where the idea or such words come from, it was him using you to help another communicate to him.

God is everywhere. He is within me and you all at the same time. God is a spirit flowing through those who want to be used.