2017, What a Year!

This year was filled with so many blessings. This year, I felt good about being my true self. I didn’t think about what others may think, but how I truly felt.


  • Go the extra mile. Sometimes it may seem as though you’re working overtime, but really your rewards are right around the corner. Even when I didn’t feel like it, or was feeling unappreciated, or even felt like I did enough, I still did more.
  • To be patient and do your best in the meantime. For me, I can be really harsh on myself (work in progress) and I have to remind myself to do my best in the meantime. I can not solely focus on the future or what I haven’t done, but this moment I have now.
  • Trust God. This year trusting God timing and everything he has preordained for me. I’ve been using alarms my entire life up until September, I decided to Trust God to wake me up on his time and allow me to be where I am needed according to his will.
  • Be present in the moment.  I would find myself constantly doing work and not enjoying the moments I do have with people or with myself.
  • Things Change! At one moment I could be feeling one way, and then things work out. No situation is permanent. What is supposed to happen will happen. Trust the process.


  • I moved into my first apartment.
  • I graduated with my Master’s degree from the University of Baltimore.
  • My social media followers have increased on Instagram (8000 + followers) and Facebook (almost 500 followers)
  • I started my loc journey
  • I reconnected and connected to some beautiful souls.
  • I lost 7lbs! Gym is life!
  • I was able to travel out the country twice to Thailand and Japan!
  • Job Promotion at work!

Living my best life every day!