Take care of yourself!

Take care of yourself!

If you are reading this, please make sure YOU do not forget about YOU, while taking care of everyone else, but YOU. Without your needs being taken care of, you can not properly take care of another. Give yourself an hour a day to yourself. I am sure with a lot going on, it may seem impossible, but it is possible. You just need an hour of alone time to get your mind together. It perhaps can be during your break time at work or at night. Schedule the time in like you would with your nails, hairs, and etc.

When I say take care of yourself, I mean taking care of your mind, body, and soul. Don’t wait ‘til you crash or perhaps get sick for you to realize you need to take better care of yourself.

For me personally, if I don’t take time for myself I become overwhelmed. Being around people for a long time can drain my energy. Working out and meditating gives me time to see what’s going on.

In order for me or you to better serve others (we all here to be a service to one another) we have to make sure that are spirits and vibrations are high to do so.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF beautiful people!