Relax and Be present!

Take a breather. Relax. I see people running around making their self-sick. Your health and wellbeing is very important. You deserve to enjoy life and the fruits of your labor. You don't work hard just to keep working harder. 

Life is extremely short. Relax and be present. You owe it to yourself. 

Take some time out to enjoy you. You don't always have to be on the go. Enjoy the people that surround you. Allow your work time to be your work time and that's it. Do not bring work problems home. You have to learn how to differentiate the two. Focus on what you need to focus on for that moment and then learn how to disengage yourself. You may think others do not care about you not being there, but they do. In some way it will affect your relationship. You only have one life, enjoy it. Relax and be present. There's no need to stress about time.