Own your actions!

Why do people throw others under the bus? Look when people are asking about you, make sure you discuss what you are doing and not other people actions. It doesn’t matter about the circumstances or situation, when talking to others just talk about yourself and your doing.

A lot of times people do not like to own their actions because they feel how you have described them could never be. It is like they are stubborn to their own personality. They believe it is someone else, but it could never be them. The ones who feel like they are never the problem is the problem.

If you do something, own your actions and move forward. Do not make excuses or try to blame others for your own doing. We all make mistakes. Just know that your mistakes do not make you who you are, it’s only after you keep making the same mistake does.

Treat others how you want to be treated. Be mindful of how you treat people and your actions towards them. If you put out good, then good returns back to you.

Remember, God sees everything.