Mind Stimulating

Something I crave every day, stimulating my mind. Rather, it may be a book, watching YouTube videos, playing stimulating mind games, doing some research, or just having a great conversation with someone. I love being challenged and being able to think in a different perspective. To stimulate your mind, you must be open and surrounded by stimulating minds as well.

If you don’t have anyone to stimulate your mind you may need to change friends and/or the scenery. You don’t want to hang with people who are going to feed your mind with trash.  The moment your mind is not stimulating you may be stagnant in certain areas of your life. Your mind is so precious and you want to be mindful of the things you are learning.

Feed your mind with great things, so that you can be inspired and produce great things in the world. Stimulate your mind with learning experiences and conversations that is going to take you above, beyond, and into a different perspective.