Detaching yourself from attachments.

In life we are so consumed with technology, family problems, work relationships, and among many other distractions. Sometimes drawing away from the distractions for hours, days, and/or weeks can help you mentally and spiritually become aware of what is going on in your current life. As you begin to watch television or become consumed in things that will not get you to your purpose, your life becomes chaotic. There will be lots of confusion. Try stepping away from your phone for an hour or learning how to be without certain attachments. Try not using social media for a week and watch the changes in your life.

In life we may plan our future, but life always has a way of surprising us when we least expected. Live in the present moment. Appreciate the warmth, the cold, food, people, and simply the things you do have in your space. The more we attach ourselves to an idea, only leads to disappointment. We attach ourselves to these false illusions thinking we can manipulate what is beyond our control. We can only control what we can. Everything that is outside our control is going to happen, however, we have a choice on how we respond to these circumstances.

Simply, let go and Let GOD.