Balancing Life...

On a weekly basis, I have work, my blog, hanging out with my family, taking care of myself, and working on my future projects. My goal each and every week is to have a balanced life. In addition, while doing each of these tasks, to make sure I give 100% of myself to that task. It has been working out lately. Sadly, you have to create a time schedule so that you achieve all that you want to. You don’t want to get off track because that means something is not going to get done.

To have a balanced life you need to be focused and set real time goals for yourself. We all have a purpose; we just have to make time for it. It will not be easy, but you are devoted to your future self.


A balanced life definitely makes you happier and you will not stress as easily. You find lots of motivation, will be very calm, and relaxed. Prioritize what is important to your life and then go from there. Do not say that family is important and not associate yourself with family because your “too busy”. We all make time for what we want, so no excuses.

You may have to offer up some things. Like cut an hour of your sleep or stay up later. 24 hours in a day, is all that you need to accomplish the things you want in a matter of time. Just stay focus on your goals and what you desire.

Warning: there may be some days where you can not get everything done. Just know it will be okay. Have fun while you are doing the things you want to do. Be present. Do not worry about all the things you have to get done, just get it done with a positive attitude.