Back to School!

School is starting up, for some last week, for me today!

I pray all the time, but when school approaches, I usually start praying specifically on my classes a month before school start. It is essential and necessary. Without prayer, I am literally stressing and crashing down. I pray on my mental, spiritual, and physical being. It's needed. I have to in order to stay focused. 

I spend at least 6 hours on school work. Trying to balance school, blog, work, personal life, and other things can be soooo hard, but it's manageable. For those who are starting the semester, start off strong. Don't get caught up. Stay focused and keep your priorities in order. School first, party later. If you put in the time now I promise you will thank yourself later, with everything. 

This is how I schedule my studying among doing other things for me:

Monday -Thursday: 6 hours/per day

Friday: 3 hours

Saturday: review each class

Sunday: 6 hours

There are 15 weeks in the semester. Seems long, but so short. Value and appreciate the time you get each day. Know what works best for you. I currently have 1 year left for Master’s and I plan to take a break and then continue to Ph.D. program.

Undergraduate advice

  • Talk to your teachers 
  • Put the time in
  • Don't forget to have fun

Graduate advice

  • Online or not make sure you communicate with teachers. 
  • I don’t care how annoying you are! 
  • Read! READ!
  • Don't slack 
  • Grades do not matter

Keep some motivation tabs on you. You will need the encouragement. If you need any advice on school and balancing life you can email me at