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My name is Ma’Sheka! I am 24 years old and every day is a journey. I’ve been writing consistently since September 2015. As I continue to talk to others, I decided to create a blog with the hopes of encouraging others and changing their perspective on life.

I have an undergraduate degree in Accounting. After I graduated, I realized that I absolutely did not like accounting. Life is extremely short, so I stop wasting my time. I learned if it does not feed my soul, I do not want any parts. It took an internship, being a graduate assistant, and moving to California for a few months to follow my true purpose. In the mist of my situations, I decided to get my Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Leadership and Organizational Change.

I am so happy you were able to take time out of your day to catch a glimpse of who I am. I pray my thoughts, quotes, and affirmations will influence and affect your life in a positive way. I look forward to hearing from you!

Peace, love, and light to you,