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Hi! I’m Ma’Sheka! I am a millennial vessel of positivity and peace. I spread joy and encouragement through writing and yoga.

I tend to rise before the sun with the intention of preparing myself for the best day possible. My mornings are filled with prayer, yoga, reading, writing and repeating the affirmations that I’ve set for myself.

I pour into myself, then I pour into others. In that order!

Once my heart is full and my mind is right, I spend the day helping others heal and remain healthy. If I’m awake, you’ll likely find me teaching, learning or volunteering at any point.

As a RYT-200, I love to share my passion for yoga with others. I teach yoga five days a week across Prince George’s County, MD to residents of all ages. In 2019, I began my journey into a second master’s degree, this time, in Science in Yoga Therapy at Maryland University of Integrative Health. I aim to share the healing powers of yoga with all who I encounter.

When I’m not in a yoga studio or class, I’m often spending time at a local herbal dispensary helping out with natural healing methods and learning as I go!

Sundays are for self care. They’re used for my own yoga practice, spending time with friends, going to the movies, and hiking – refueling my soul (like the title of my book), so I can pour out to others throughout the week.

Welcome to my website! Take what you need – inspiration, encouragement, tips or, of course, all things yoga! I’m so glad you’re here!

Peace, love and light to you,